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Mariia S. is a content creator and food connoisseur.

I created my website so that everyone can be inspired by beautiful and simple recipes, and improve their cooking together with me.

If you like food to be simple, healthy, and beautiful, then welcome to my blog – a collection of ideas for simple dishes for every day.


breakfast idea #4

The perfect omelet with fried asparagus How to do 1. Beat two eggs with a fork with two tablespoons of milk, add salt and pepper to taste. 2. Pour the eggs into a non-stick frying pan and cover with a lid. Fry on low heat for minutes. 3. wrap the egg in half, and put…

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easy dinner idea #1

Incredible 4 Ingredient Pasta How to do: When ready, arrange pasta and tomatoes beautifully on a plate, and posiette with finely grated parmesan.

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To the readers!

The content on my blog is completely unique, created by me personally. Please do not copy it without link to me.

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